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The Top 3 Quiet Luxury Jewelry Brands: Choose Timeless Over Trendy

Which are the Best Quiet Luxury Jewelry Brands?

Before exploring the top quiet luxury jewelry brands, it’s essential to first understand what quiet luxury jewelry means both in terms of style and status.

Like unstable romantic partners, trends in the fashion world come and go quickly, sometimes without prior notice. Genuine class has a timeless quality that holds true regardless of changes in the fashion, social, and political worlds. It’s why quiet luxury jewelry has remained a steadily rising trend since 2022.

Quiet luxury jewelry portrays understated elegance along with beauty, sparkle, and exceptional craftsmanship. These pieces embody sophisticated styles that endure without the need to shout their identity aloud. They already know who they are and so does everyone else. The design and quality of quiet luxury jewelry pieces are spectacular in their own right and are worn by those with nothing to prove.

Worldwide, there are three top quiet luxury jewelry brands that epitomize this status and they include Buccellati, Repossi, and the lesser known brand, Zeira. Each of these brands create exquisite pieces that are as timeless as they are exquisite.

1. Buccellati: A Renewal of the Past

Buccellati, an Italian jewelry house founded in 1919, is known for its revival of styles and techniques that were popular in Medieval times and the Renaissance. The brand is celebrated for its intricate designs and meticulous attention to detail. Buccellati pieces are heirloom quality and are often passed down through generations. The brand’s signature style features elaborate engraving techniques such as rigato, telato, and ornato which give their jewelry a distinctive texture and brilliance.

Iconic Pieces

One of Buccellati’s exceptional lines is the Hawaii Collection which includes necklaces, bracelets, and earrings made of interlocking gold circles. With its delicate design and impeccable craftsmanship, the collection exudes opulence and mystique. Perhaps the piece de resistance, the Tulle Necklace is crafted from hand-woven gold that resembles fine lace. This necklace signifies Buccellati’s ability to manipulate gold and precious metals into works of art.

The Tulle Necklace by Buccellati

Designer Insights

Andrea Buccellati, the brand’s creative director, refers to the inspiration behind the creations as art more than fashion: “Our pieces are not just jewelry; they are miniature sculptures. We want our clients to feel a connection to the past and the craftsmanship that has been handed down through the generations.” It is this commitment to heritage and artistry that marks Buccellati as an exceptional quiet luxury jewelry brand.

2. Repossi: Modern Elegance with a Heritage Touch

Repossi, a Parisian jewelry house established in 1920, is in the niche of modern, yet classic style. Under the creative direction of Gaia Repossi, the brand takes on a minimalist aesthetic, integrating contemporary design with traditional craftsmanship. Repossi’s pieces are characterized by clean lines, geometric shapes, as well as the creative, out of the box use of materials.

Iconic Pieces

The Berbère Collection is one of Repossi’s most famous styles. A reflection of the traditional tattoos of the Berber tribes, the collection features rings, bracelets, and ear cuffs with parallel lines that create a striking visual impact. The Serti Sur Vide Collection, which translates to “set on void,” is another remarkable line of jewelry. The diamonds in this collection are set in a way to create the illusion of floating – a trick on the eyes that results in a feeling of lightness.

serti sur vide

Gaia Repossi describes the brand’s inspiration: “At Repossi, we believe in creating pieces that transcend time. Our designs are modern but rooted in a deep respect for our heritage. We aim to create jewelry that is both innovative and enduring.” This approach is clear in every Repossi piece, making the brand a leader in quiet luxury jewelry and fashion.

3.  Zeira: The Rising Star Among the Quiet Luxury Jewelry Brands

While Zeira has been around for less than 30 years, the artisan jewelry company is known for visionary design and the remarkable intricacy and precision of its pieces. Unlike other brands, each piece is truly hand-crafted, and as there are few goldsmiths that can do the painstaking work of methods like 22k gold granulation, the limited availability of the pieces make the brand even more exclusive. The brand’s collections have a refined and cultivated beauty; the pieces are best characterized as classic jewelry that will always be considered beautiful.

Iconic pieces

Zeira’s rose cut diamond jewelry integrates the elegance of the untraditional cut of diamonds and the delicate detail of 22k gold granulation. Instead of from the top, rose cut diamonds are cut from the bottom and have small, triangular facets than run across their surface. The three dimensional multi-faceting results in a spectacular ricochet of light.

22k gold rose cut diamond collection - Zeira quiet luxury jewelry brand
22k gold rose cut diamond collection

Designer Insights

Zeira shares that “Jewelry is part of personal expression – it’s  choosing an ornament that presents yourself to others.” Indeed if you wish to show yourself as someone to whom details are important, and intricacy & fineness describe you well, then choose a piece by Zeira. 

Quiet luxury jewelry is a mode of style for those who have discerning taste and never feel the need to raise their voice in order to be heard. Know which brand best represents your personal quiet power.

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