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What is Quiet Luxury Jewelry? For One Thing, Don’t Look Like You’re Trying Too Hard


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The Rise of Quiet Luxury Jewelry

The rise of quiet luxury jewelry is a reflection of the times. Not long ago we were hearing the term “bling, bling” whenever it came to celebrity coverage. One bling was never enough, you always had to see and hear the second. For fashion and accessories, more was more, and the more you had, the more you would flaunt it. While this is still true for many, recently there has been a rising trend towards more subdued, classic looks. Perhaps a positive omen of our collective social evolution, the trends of quiet luxury jewelry brands and quiet luxury fashion are gaining traction and beginning to catch on. Celebrities like Gwenyth Paltrow and Sofia Richie have long defined themselves with the quiet luxury look only to have their classy reputations follow suit. 

What is Quiet Luxury Jewelry? It Starts with a More Classic Approach

Sivivon drop diamond earrings
Sami’s Signature Sivivon Drop Diamond Earrings

At a glance, the moniker of the quiet luxury jewelry style is not have too much going on. The first of the two hallmarks that characterize quiet luxury jewelry is the selection of one main design element and the creation of the piece around that singular theme. You don’t see competing elements on the piece so that the jewelry is simpler. By keeping to one direction, pieces are sleeker just like timeless, classic jewelry and its dateless approach to style. It’s the common thread between both styles – the designs are always markedly simpler and never overly ornate.

Like someone who doesn’t feel the need to explain him or herself to anyone, quiet luxury jewelry is more reserved, and a more reserved style is the key to understated elegance. Importantly, understated does not equal less exclusive by any means – it is simply quieter. As implied by the term, quiet luxury jewelry is about the luxury sans the need to show it off. 

The second key feature to quiet luxury jewelry is top notch craftsmanship. Pieces in this category are very finely made with great attention to detail. Every element is well-defined and completed with a clean finish. From top to bottom of the jewelry, every nook and bezel is made of the highest quality without compromise. There are no loose ends to be found anywhere. The jewelry’s superior quality and craftsmanship are be apparent from the first glance. As we have always said, luxury is in the details.

Triple Infinity Diamond Earrings Classic style jewelry - quiet luxury jewelry
Triple Infinity Diamond Earrings by Sami Zeira. Quiet luxury jewelry is timeless, classic jewelry with one core design element.

Quiet Luxury, Quiet Power

Collectively, we are all growing tired of the too loud, the too bright and the just trying too damn hard. Class means showing up while not having to shout your arrival. It’s knowing that you’ll be noticed and accepted without having to make it happen artificially. When it comes to the fashion and jewelry worlds, this translates to seeing celebrities and influencers select finer, more cultivated clothing and jewelry. Take for example, Zoe Kravitz this past March at the Omega jewelry event in London where she wore the most simple floor-length black gown. Her elegance was tangible.

We began to see this as early as 2022 when clothing had become more subdued, exhibiting minimalist styles. Quiet luxury started to take center stage this past spring, when Victoria Beckham’s SS23 Collection exemplifying suave sexiness was a highlight of Paris Fashion Week.

Quiet luxury jewelry too, has been showing up with its quiet power all over the place. It’s allure was illustrated by the adoring media attention over Jennifer Garner when she wore subdued jewelry and attire during her visit to NBC Studios in April of last year. The old truth that the well-established don’t crave status symbols has been making headlines.

Brooke's gold flower earrings
Vintage style Brooke’s Gold Flower Earrings

Quiet Luxury Fashion is Like Old Money

When you are truly secure with who you are, and you already have what you want, whether it’s success, money, power, or something else, you don’t feel that you have to prove yourself to anyone. You stand up straight with your shoulders back by default, as described by Dr. Jordan B Peterson. This literal and figurative confident posture is something others pick up on subconsciously and treat you accordingly.

The societal concept of old money is essentially security – your position in society is secure and you’ve got nothing to prove. It’s genuine confidence that comes from knowing where you stand and that everyone else knows it too. It’s in stark contrast with those who make a loud fuss at fine restaurants, complaining about minutia in order to demonstrate their worthiness. Essentially, the great contrast of old money and the nouveau riche is that the former have got nothing to prove and the latter can’t prove it fast enough or loud enough.

The Great Gatsby stands in front of a Rolls Royce

In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic Jazz Age novel, The Great Gatsby, the nouveau riche protagonist, Jay Gatsby, wanted desperately to win back over the love he had lost, Daisy Buchanan. Daisy was a woman whose old money background had years before prohibited the union with Gatsby who had been a pauper. In trying to win her over, everything Gatsby did was gaudy and over the top. In order to gain her love, he tried to prove to her that he had money and spared no extravagance in his mission. Of course, it all ended in tragedy, the social construct of old money wasn’t and isn’t something that can be bought. Indeed, the timeless distinctions between new and old money remain a good lesson for us today. True class is when you enter a room looking like you aren’t trying too hard.

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